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Vinci Surveys provide services in Land Surveying, Topographical Surveying, Setting Out and Levelling, plus any Measured Building Survey requirements you may have. We use Computer Aided Design to format and draft all drawings and also use the software for setting out efficiently. Other services we offer are Volumetric Surveys and Structural Monitoring.

If your project is in South Wales, Including Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, the South West of England or the West Midlands we can cater for all your land, topographical, GPS survey requirements. If you’re interested in these or any other of our services, please feel free to contact us.

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How We Began

Vinci Surveys was established in 2014 by Sean Rees, who has over 10 years experience and expertise in the industry.

Over this time period, Sean has developed skills that combine both traditional surveying methods and modern techniques.

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At Vinci Surveys it’s our mission to provide the best service possible, with all our survey work carried out to a highly professional standard in a timely manner.

“There are no secrets to our success. Hard work, learning from failure and adapting to change”.

Why Choose Us

Vinci Surveys are different from many other surveying companies.

Our employees are engineers as well as surveyors, with a greater understanding of how co-ordinates and levels are interpreted and used.

Another advantage is we have experience of dealing directly with designers and architects on a regular basis.

We perform check surveys at various stages of surveying and construction.

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Land Surveying:

Land surveys, which is the science of determining three-dimensional positions – by establishing points obtained from
measured distances and angles, is one of our major specialities. We always work with you to determine your specific needs and provide you with a great service.

If you require any land survey work, please contact us with your requirements. We would like to hear from you!

Topographical Surveys:

Topographic Surveys are maps that show the topography of a piece of land, capturing natural features; e.g. rivers and
mountains or artificial features, such as buildings, boundaries and highways etc.

We carry out Topographical Surveys that are specific to our clients needs. Senior surveyors will discuss your requirements with you to ensure your survey is ‘fit for purpose’.
Our team of surveyors can answer any questions you may have concerning your survey, such as the accuracy, detail and specification required.

If you require any topographical survey work, please contact us. We would be more than happy to help!

Setting Out And Levelling:

The method of setting out is the reverse of the surveying process. Setting Out is performed by a Site Engineer who is
responsible for positioning and levelling of features, such as boundaries, buildings, drainage, rail, roads, and services that are given from construction drawings – ensuring that these details are accurately constructed.

We provide Site Engineers to perform technical, organisational and supervisory roles on construction projects.

Working as part of the site management team, our site engineers work alongside:

  • architects;
  • construction managers;
  • engineers;
  • planners;
  • subcontractors;
  • supervisors;
  • surveyors.

We can apply designs and plans to site and may be involved in projects ranging from small scale to multi-million pound ventures.

If you require this service, please contact us. We will be in a position to serve you.

GPS Surveys:

Global Positioning System surveys use a system of satellites, computers, and receivers that  are able to determine the
latitude and longitudinal position on the Earth’s surface.

We have the necessary components to conduct these surveys, resulting in coordinates that are immediately computed into Ordnance Survey grid and level.

If you require any GPS survey work, please contact us. We can provide you with this service.

Measured Building Surveys:

A Measured Building Survey is an accurate representation of a building showing all the structural elements and
architectural features. The Measured Building Survey may consist of floor plans, elevations (including roof plans) and cross-sections, which can be presented as scaled survey drawings.

Floor Plans

These are accurate surveys that are carried out by measuring external features of a building, using this an outline to measure and determine properties of the internal components. This may include floor areas, details of doors and window positions (including heights), plus fixtures and fittings – should a more detailed survey be required.


Elevations are determined from non-prism observations, which are stored and transformed to represent the exact features measured. Features may include the external building outline, roofline, window locations and door positions.


Sections can be generated through any part of a site or structure –  providing a clearer picture for the client. These can be taken through any part of the building or surrounding features. Multiple sections may be required to give a more detailed view of the ground or structural profile.

Roof plans

Roof plans generally show ridge and eaves heights, roof pitch, roof construction and drainage runoff.

When all of the data has been captured onsite, Measured Building Surveys are drawn electronically in computer software packages, such as Auto CAD.

If you require any measured building survey work, please contact us. We can discuss the options with you.

CAD Drawings:

After completion of site work our surveys can be produced in a variety of formats; in either 2D or 3D. Our final presentation comes in an Auto CAD DWG or DXF format. The reason for this is that Auto CAD is widely used within the construction industry at present. However, various formats, including DTM’s CSV/XYZ or MX Genio files can be sent on request.

Survey drawings and files are usually emailed. However, hard copies are available on request.

Volumetric Surveys:

Any surface which requires an area or volume calculation can be measured and computed onsite using our specialist
equipment. This information is then checked with our land surveying software.

If you require any volumetric survey work, please contact us.You will be given a professional report.

Structural Monitoring:

The ‘reflector-less’ feature of our Trimble total stations enable non contact surveys to be undertaken. This technology
offers great benefits, as it allows us to survey areas that cannot be accessed, such as cliff faces, high rising buildings, live motorways, live railways and airport runways, for example.

Structural Monitoring Surveys are generally monitored over a longer duration to determine possible settlement or movement of a structure. Depending on your requirements we can use equipment to achieve sub-millimetre results.

If you require any structural monitoring work, please contact You will receive advice from an experienced team.